Terms and conditions subject to which the Certificate of Safe Mooring is issued

1 Diving Belle shall not be held liable for the consequences of any events outside our control, including but not limited to:

Acts of God




Inadequate allocation of space for mooring

Change of vessel using the named mooring

Altering, lifting or moving the mooring without our authorisation

Alteration of the boat ropes without our authorisation

Movement of other moorings in the surrounding area

Movement or change of boats using surrounding moorings

2 Mooring components are guaranteed to the extent of the supplier’s guarantee.

a New materials and components which we supply are made specifically for mooring use and are subject to the suppliers’ and/or manufacturer’s warranty.

b We do not give any warranty in respect of new materials and components which the customer supplies.

c Components from second-hand sources supplied by previous owners or by the customer may have no warranty and may not be suitable for use on a mooring, but we may have no means of ascertaining this. We can accept no liability whatsoever for such products or for any consequences arising out of their use.

3 When we survey and service a mooring, we carry out a visual inspection and take measurements. When we issue a certificate we expect that all the components of the mooring will last, with normal use, for at least one year, or up to the expiry date if earlier.

a We cannot survey or take responsibility for the inside of a mooring block. For example, we may not be able to determine if a block is cracked, has concrete cancer or was made of an incorrect mix. We cannot see the chain inside the block.

b The metallurgical composition of chain and other metal fittings cannot be determined by visual inspection.

c We do not guarantee boat ropes/bridles as they can be subjected to a range of mishaps beyond our control. They are the responsibility of the user who must protect them from chafe, inspect them regularly and keep them maintained.

4 The certificate is issued for the named vessel only. In the event of a change of vessel, a new certificate should be obtained. Using the mooring for other vessels, especially if they are longer, heavier, or have more windage, may drag or damage the mooring and may render the certificate invalid. Moving, altering, or interfering with the mooring without authorisation from us may invalidate the certificate.

5 In the event that we are given materially wrong information relating to the vessel’s size, weight, windage, or any other pertinent feature, the Certificate shall be null and void.

6 We would like to draw attention to our general terms of business as currently sponsored by the British Marine Industries Federation, a copy of which is available upon request and displayed within our business premises and on our web site.

7 Diving Belle can accept no liability for collisions arising our of the close proximity of moorings and / or vessels.

8 In no event shall our total liability exceed the maximum amount covered by our insurance policy.